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Editor for Bitbucket

Editor for Bitbucket (formerly Editor for Stash) is a live editor with markdown preview, code folding, and syntax highlighting. Supports various git workflows for committing changes.

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Crucible Review Hook for Bitbucket

Integrate Crucible code reviews into your pull request workflow with Crucible Review Hook for Bitbucket. Automatically create Crucible reviews and block pull request merges that haven't gone through Crucible review.

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Source Editor for Confluence

Edit Confluence Storage Format directly in the browser using Source Editor for Confluence, available for both Confluence Cloud and Server. Supports standard code editor features, XHTML validation, and page preview.

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Markdown Render Macro for Confluence

Markdown Render Macro is a macro which allows you to display markdown in your Confluence pages. Preview your changes before submission with our built-in editor. For Cloud and Server!

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